We've received your applications –

And we're so impressed!

The first inaugural SPAPP conference has received almost 75 applications for "Lives in Medicine". Every applicant has a unique background and distinct reasons for attending. Here are some of the most noteworthy essay responses we received:

"I want to be able to take a day to focus on my future and feel more comfortable knowing that this is the path I want to take."

"The Society of Polish American Pre-Health Professionals conference is key to instilling a sense of networking and community among future Polish health professionals. As a team, we will be able to better serve our communities by being accessible to meet their needs."

"I hope that this conference will give me the strength and courage to pursue my dream of becoming a physician."

"This conference marks the beginning for a group where like-minded students can exchange useful information and support each other as they pursue their dream careers. I seek to meet individuals who can mentor me in my journey in the medical field, and I hope I can pass the valuable information I learn from my mentors onto younger generations."

"In order to maintain a strong Polonia for years to come, as Polish students we must support each other as we pursue our careers. The Society of Polish American Pre-Health Professionals addresses the lack of a support group for Polish students pursuing oftentimes difficult, but rewarding careers in medicine."

"Despite there being a specific 'path' to medicine, there are still many choices, and I love to hear different people's stories and opinions. Hopefully, they will help guide me as I piece together my future."

All applicants must fill out the registration form in order to participate in the conference. 

Agatha Kielczewski