SPAPP Members Present "Lives in Medicine Conference to Enthusiastic PAMS

Members of SPAPP were invited to attend the quarterly Polish American Medical Society (PAMS) meeting, which took place on Sunday, June 23. Dr. Kornelia Krol, President of PAMS has been a wonderful supporter of young Polish-Americans pursuing degrees in health care.  

During the meeting program, members listened to Dr. Mariusz Ratajczyk, Professor in the Department of Medicine and the director of the Developmental Biology Research Program at University of Louisville's, fascinating work on Regenerative Stem Cells. 

A sincere Thank You to Dr. Kornelia Krol, Dr. Adam Cios, and all the other wonderful members of PAMS for their enthusiastic support and hospitality. See the inspirational ways in which PAMS is serving our medical community in their slideshow here: PAMS June Meeting Slideshow

Agatha Kielczewski