Meet the Board: Patrick Popieluszko

Hello all! My name is Patrick Popieluszko and I am one of the board members for SPAPP. I am currently waiting to get into medical school. I finished my undergrad studies at Loyola University Chicago and have spent the past four years dabbling in medicine and medically related activities. I have been an emergency medical technician on an ambulance, in a trauma center, as a volunteer, and I have spent time volunteering at a pediatric hospital as well as studying in the course of medicine. 

I know how hard a road it has been for me in my career and I joined SPAPP to help others join us as medical professionals. Next week is Emergency Medical Services week, so if you get the chance, say thanks to any Emergency medical personnel you might know. In the meantime I want to share a story that shows just how awesome medicine can be from start to finish, from initial rescue, to treatment, surgery, therapy, recovery, etc. All the parts come together to form these kinds of miracles and we want to help you find your place in that path to a miracle.

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Agatha Kielczewski