Meet the Board: Patricia Jamrozowicz

My name is Patricia Jamrozowicz and I am one of the board members of SPAPP. I graduated in 2012 from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Health Systems Management. During that time, I also completed my pre-med requirements to be able to take the MCAT's. In late 2013, I was approached by one of our other board members, Marysia Szpindor Watson to join SPAPP because of my exposure to the healthcare field not as a medical provider or medical student, but as someone who has experience working behind the scenes of what happens in hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies from a management perspective.

I joined SPAPP to help others who are entering into college, grad school or thinking about going into the medical field decide what path is best for them, whether it be of medical, health care management or even a combination of both. During my freshmen year at Loyola, I started off as a Biology major who wanted to go to medical school to help patients. I continued on as Biology major until I was in my junior year, then something felt wrong. I wasn't enjoying my classes as much and during my free time, I would come in and shadow at one of Dr. Anna Szpindor's Allergy and Asthma clinics. I really enjoyed shadowing at her clinic and at the end of my shadowing experience, I felt confused with why I was so interested in knowing how the front desk manages their patients, retains them, and provides excellent service to the patients. It was a scary feeling knowing that since high school, I was convinced that I wanted to be a doctor and suddenly I found the behind the scenes of how a clinic functions much more interesting than the one on one clinical interaction with the patient. I changed my major soon after. 

My story is one that many students in my major went through. They started off as Chemistry or Biology majors and either changed their major to Health Systems Management or minored in it to better prepare them for their clinical careers. I currently work at CVS Caremark's corporate office in Northbrook, IL as a Implementation Consultant who manages projects. My job entails getting companies set up with prescription benefits for their employees. I really enjoy what I do because I know that I am making a difference for patients who need their prescriptions either mailed or at the pharmacy to be picked up on time, checked for drug interactions with other prescriptions they are taking, and checking them in disease management plans to keep the chances of them ending up in the ER lowered.

If you are in high school, undergraduate or grad school and looking for more information about which clinical or non-clinical path is best for you, then I encourage you to apply to the conference. These are some of the many things you can expect at the conference: how to apply into one of the programs you are interested in,being provided a mentor to guide you, hearing different specialty doctors and healthcare managers give you an inside look into the typical day in their profession, as well as, the journey it took to get them there. We will also be giving away a scholarship that you can apply for by going to our website.

Agatha Kielczewski