Meet the Board: Marysia Szpindor Watson

Hello!!! I'm Marysia Szpindor Watson, the co-chair of the conference with Joanna. I am starting medical school in July and getting pretty excited (and nervous) about starting this new chapter in my life. I am excited about conference taking place in August and can't wait to meet the participants. My aim for this conference is to provide people with mentorship opportunities which will aid them in pursuing a career in healthcare. It's a difficult, yet extremely rewarding path to take and having the right mentors and supporters was key to my success. I hope that this initiative taken by our society will motivate other pre-professional youth to create their own pre-professional conferences. Polonia has a huge presence in Chicago and if we work together, we can get a lot done! There are many challenges that healthcare professionals and patients face today. It's important to work to solve these problems at their root, instead of going the "easy" way to temporarily solve them. Escape fire is a great documentary that highlights many of these problems and is very informative: 
Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare
Check it out and learn about a better way to approach challenges in healthcare!

Agatha Kielczewski