Meet the Board: Agata Turowski

What if you were the patient? What would you want the hospital to do differently? These are the questions that drive my passion for the healthcare industry.

Hi everyone! My name is Agata Turowski and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Health Systems Administration at Georgetown University. I am a graduate of Northwestern, with a major in Psychology and minors in Spanish and Business. I was very involved with Chicago’s Polonia throughout college, serving as Northwestern’s Polish club president for two years and on the board for the Quo Vadis Polish American leadership conference. My goal for the SPAPP conference is to provide a graduate school perspective on health administration, a career path that is often mysterious for students. I hope to be a helpful resource for you all! Please do not hesitate to reach out through e-mail, Facebook or LinkedIn before or after the conference!

To start off my discussion, I would like to share this video with you all. This is a truly touching video that I believe applies to anyone interested in a healthcare career. For me, it is a vivid reminder of the role that I play in improving a patient’s experience. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas! Please click on the link below!

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

Agatha Kielczewski