Lives in Medicine CONFERENCE Organizer Application

Would you like to become more involved with SPAPP? We are looking for bright and motivated individuals who want to help this organization grow!

If you are interested in planning the "Lives in Medicine" Conference, please fill out the following application. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. 

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Graphic Design Chair Responsibilities include: Maintaining and updating binder with new information, designing cover photo, designing fliers to post in Polish community, designing binder cover. High School Outreach Chair Responsibilities include: Updating existing high school contacts list, calling high schools who do not have emails to guidance counselors listed online, presenting about SPAPP at high schools College Outreach Chair Responsibilities include: Updating existing college contacts list, creating a spreadsheet with contact information for pre-health/ health care oriented clubs on college campuses in Chicagoland area, creating spreadsheet with contact info for academic advising/counseling offices at Chicagoland colleges, personally calling college pre-health/career advising centers if not responding via email Polish Community Outreach Chair Responsibilities include: Building a relationship with Polish media ( Radio Deon, Polvision, 1030, etc..), promoting conference on Polish media sources, promoting program to Polish schools in Chicagoland area, updating spreadsheet with contact information for Polish schools, identifying which Polish schools are responsive, promoting program at Polish masses (compiling a spreadsheet with accurate contact information for Polish churches in Chicagoland area), posting fliers at Polish churches, grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, salons, banks, doctor’s offices. Resource Fair Outreach Chair Responsibilities include: Creating a volunteering opportunities section, a grad school section, a job opportunities section, and clinical experience section. Designating which organizations will be featured in each section. Reaching out to each organization in order to obtain free brochures/ sample products (Ex. pens, folders, notepads, hand sanitizer, etc). Determining if there are any Polish students who can represent the organization and inviting these students to represent that organization at the resource fair. Suturing Lab Coordinator Responsibilities include: Networking with medical students and physicians in order to obtain proper suturing materials. Determining which lessons will be taught during the lab. OMM Coordinator Responsibilities include: Networking with medical students and physicians in order to find someone to teach OMM on day of conference. Creating a general powerpoint for day of. PA Chair Responsibilities include: Preparing a presentation about the PA path. Obtaining resources from PA schools. Nursing Chair Responsibilities include: Preparing a presentation about the nursing path. Obtaining resources from nursing schools. Social Media Chair Responsibilities include: Managing Instagram and Facebook posts. Make sure to post about sponsors and mentors. Employ Facebook Ads in order to reach out to potential participants. Prepare blog posts for SPAPP webpage. Managing YouTube page and managing the filming of promotional materials for the conference. Website Manager Responsibilities include: Uploading Application/ Videos to website. Uploading pictures of board members. Uploading and formatting blog posts. Application/Registration Chair Responsibilities include: Designing and updating application. Finding a more streamlined process to keep track of applications/registrations. Crafting emails to send out to students confirming receipt of application/registration. Scholarship Chair Responsibilities include: Designing scholarship application. Creating fundraising ideas for scholarship. Work with sponsorship chair to identify potential sponsors who would want to donate funds to create a scholarship in their name. Read through scholarship applications. Narrow down the list of applicants and send anonymous applications to board members to vote on. Sponsorship Chair Responsibilities Include: Working with Social Media Chair to find potential sponsors. Working with Chicago Intercollegiate Council to process donations and reimbursements for conference (such as paying for food). Thanking sponsors for donations. Catering Chair Responsibilities include: Identifying good quality bakeries/delis who would be willing to donate a portion of the cost of food to support conference. Compiling a shopping list of food/food utensils that are necessary for conference. Shopping for food and bringing food to conference.Finding affordable Coffee/Tea supply for conference (Keurig). Monitoring food and tables on day of conference to keep area clean, identify any missing food/drink requests. Location Scout Responsibilities Include: Identifying an affordable and viable venue option (internet access, rooms for breakout sessions, room for 100 individuals, outside catering options, central location) and working to reserve venue and ensure proper communication between the venue and SPAPP during conference planning. *Tech Chair Responsibilities include: Ensure that all PowerPoints are properly uploaded. Ensure that there are microphones available for the conference. *Needed if conference not on campus.
500 word max